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A first-time buyer’s guide to purchasing a home as a new immigrant to Canada
It’s no secret that first-time buyers have it tough in the current Canadian housing market. The homebuying process is fraught with confusing guidelines, financial prodding, and, occasionally,...
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Canadian Mortgage Rates are Falling as Bond Yields Slide Lower
Yield on 5-year government debt has dipped below 1.5%, its lowest level since 2017 What's bad news for some is good news for others, and Canadian mortgage-holders are the unexpected beneficiaries of...
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The Latest in Mortgage News – Is the Correction Almost Over?
A number of news items in recent weeks have focused on the state of Canada’s housing market, with some hinting the worst of the correction may be behind us, and others suggesting more weakness to...
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What Canadians need to know about RRSPs and the first-time Home Buyers’ Plan
With the rising cost of housing and tougher lending rules, first-time Canadian homebuyers haven’t had it easy edging into today’s market. Fortunately, there are a number of programs offered by the...
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